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Lauren Powell

My name is Lauren Powell. I am a knitted textiles designer from London. I am interested in combining my drawings within knitted textiles, as well as taking the audience on a journey through storytelling.

I would like to say a special thank you to the Kay Cosserat Awards for awarding me a scholarship.

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School of Design

Lauren Powell

REMINISCENCE // The Life At 149

Reminiscence is the word I choose 

To describe my overall project 

To reminisce 

Is to remember 

To enjoy 

And that is what I exactly set out to do 

With a set of stories 

I share with you all

They say bricks are the foundation of a house 

I say people who live inside 

Are the true foundation 

My grandparents are the cement 

They are the bricks 

They are the true definition of 149 

Without them 

None of the stories I share would exist 

My grandparents are two people 

Who migrated from Jamaica 

With a suitcase and dreams 

They are two strong minded people 

One a tailor the other a cook 

Who instilled everything they knew into us 

As children 

Some of the stories 

I share 

Might seem small 

And somewhat strange 

But to us an everyday thing is

Better than 

An episode

From the Tv series 


— Knitted piece

My grandad Volney

Was a tailor 

He learnt the trade 

Where he grew up 

In Jamaica 

He always knew how to dress

Never believed in casual 

There was never a time 

Where he was not wearing 

Tailored Suits

Smart trousers 

a shirt 


Or plain 

And a nice pair of 

Well polished shoes 

He always looked his best 

My grandma was very fond of his job 

Her height was the main reason 

She was small and petite 

And her coats would often sweep 

The floor 

Grandad had to make the alterations 

Leaving him often quite confused 

As this was a recurring situation

Before he started the task 

My grandma had set out for him 

He would say 

I don't know why Angie 

Does not buy her size


Merino Wool


171x124 cm
— Drawing
— Knitted piece
— Detail


Merino wool and Digital Illustration


209X130.7 cm
— Old Jamaica drawing

The wait Is over 

The guests have arrived

I really hope I have time to hide 

One thing I do not like 

Is having to entertain them 

But grandma trained us 

To take care of them 

She calls my name 

With a smile on her face 

Often making sure 

Her gold tooth glistened as she stared 

Yes grandma I would reply 

But in all reality 

Knowing the agenda 

Get the guests a drink 

With those words

I already knew the drill 

Silver tray 

special glass and saucer

A can of ginger beer 

Pour half into the cup 

Remainder to be left in the tin 

A slice of spiced bun

And give to the guests

Once I had done that 

I knew my presence was no longer needed 

Now time to put my feet up 

Until next time 

As all the above will be repeated 


Oil pastels,felt tips and fine liner
— Digital Illustration
— Printed silk scarf

My grandma and I share 

Something In common 

That is the love of her 

Signature bucket hat 

Vibrant blue 

With a green coloured brim 

On the inside 

As I look back on photos 

She had that hat on 

Many occasions 

Always pictured beside me 

Who knew that 

One day 

It would too be my 

Signature bucket hat 

To me it is 

No ordinary bucket hat 

It comes 

Almost as she 

Kept it in such prestige condition 

As she knew that 

It would be passed down to me 

I see this 

As a piece of her 

That I carry around with me 

I'm not sure 

If I will ever be able to pass it down 

As it means ever so much to me 

I think I will frame it 

When I get too old 

So it can live on in her memory 

Years after me 

Long live the vibrant bucket hat 

Along with the memory of 

My grandma Angelina 

Also known as Angie


Digital Illustration on silk


— Knitted piece
— Detail

They say life starts at home 

For me it really did 

Behind each and every door at 149 

Lies a room 

Filled with memories 

To the brim 

If walls could talk 

I mean if walls could sing 

No I mean if walls could hum 

Like my grandma Angelina did

If they could laugh 

As loud as me and my cousins 

Angelina and Darnell

If they was as tease full

As my mother Hyacinth

As tough as my brother Darrol

As strong minded as my cousin Sabrina 

As charming as my grandfather Volney

They still would not amount

To the love we all shared 


Merino Wool


220x131.4 cm
— A large embroidery piece of my grandfather presenting him in different ways.

A large embroidery piece of my grandfather presenting him in two ways.


Embroidery thread,polyester cloth,Merino Wool and cotton perlé


109x109 cm