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Kukbong Kim

Kukbong Kim is a bold designer, with a background in architecture and engineering, who uses her design skills to tackle design challenges in any area. She is passionate about solving problems through innovative ways of thinking. 

Her perception of proportion, shape, and color from her background in architecture and sensitivity to human emotions from her work as a designer, gives her a unique perspective on design. Kukbong Kim has worked on projects across architecture, interactions, and product design.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering at Yonsei University in Seoul with a distinction and several honors. She was awarded the Excellent prize in Thousands of imagination ideas for the Han River Project Seoul Award, 2018 and The Red Dot in Red Dot Design Award, 2021. She is currently working towards her double masters in the Innovation Design Engineering MA/MSC at RCA and Imperial College London.

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Kukbong Kim

Celour is a paint that captures and stores carbon dioxide from the air, thanks to the mineral carbonation effect of waste concrete powder (WCP). WCP, the main ingredient of Celour paint, is cement-based waste and a by-product of the concrete recycling process. This material is normally disposed of in landfill, causing pollution to water and soil, however, this cement waste can capture and store carbon for a longer time than any other material. 

By using Celour, we can not only actively capture carbon dioxide from the air but also decrease the carbon emission occurring while making new cement. Celour provides a crucial step in restoring pre-industrial atmospheric levels by the users. 

Dong-Gwang recycling

Concrete recycling plant