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Painting (MA)

Ke Zhang

Ke Zhang,b.1996,Currently based in China.

2014-2018 Studied at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department.

2019-2021 Studied at Royal College of Art, Painting programme.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

Creation is a room of its own for a person like me who is mentally sensitive and prone to anxiety,I feel anxious about the unknown, fearful of the future that is yet to come, panic about the end that is already certain. 

Unknown is a near synonym for truth.

I realize my conjecture of the unknown and materialize my quest for truth through creation. 

I liken art making to alchemy, extracting concepts from elements and reorganizing them, using the raw nature of the elements themselves to create an illusion, creating a series of paintings with an absurd atmosphere. I feel at ease in a room where I control and set the rules.

Cordon(1) — 100x80cm Oil Painting 2021
The Hidden lie — 60x50cm Oil Painting 2021
Cordon(2) — 20x30cm Oil Painting 2021
Swindle — 30x40cm Oil Painting 2021
Interface — 10x5cm Oil Painting on Paper 2021

The project of “Cordon”represents my attempt to compose a theatrical trick in my paintings. The subject matter is the mirror I use for my daily make-up, at first I wanted to draw something in the mirror, I wanted to draw the blurred tree But then I realized that what was really hidden was the back of the mirror. Compared to the mirror, which would give rise to otherworldly associations, the back was the most easily overlooked hidden space in life. I look at the mirror and think that the mirror provides a puzzle of the same shape to what is behind it, using this virtual image of the same shape as the "some kind of reality" to hide something, as if one can do something behind the mirror and  no one will notice, because such a mirror with clear edges and shapes, this secrecy becomes natural, at least when the two overlap no one will care what is in the overlap. 

In the premise of "seeing is believing" any object has a boundary, that is, the invisible back and visible front, the front is directly to our cognition, we can identify what it is at a glance,but the back, only corresponds to our theoretical cognition, is completely dependent on so frontal discrimination, Because we do not see and understand this side at this moment. The unknown and the truth are synonyms, and for me, the constant doubt of the unknown is the persistence of the truth.


Oil Painting
Sliver Swan — 80x70cm Oil Painting 2021

The key to truth, like a water flower, comes from the wings of a silver swan.


Oil painting