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Julia Biasi

julia biasi is an interdisciplinary artist and lives and works in italy and new york city. she received a grant by the german cultural institute in italy and has exhibited in solo exhibitions at brilliant champions gallery in brooklyn, a world war two bunker in northern italy and projektraum bäckerei wimmer in vienna. her group exhibits include the ladin triennial at the ladin museum in san martino- italy, abstract now at galerie doris ghetta in ortisei- italy, we need to talk- artists and the public respond to the present conditions in america at galerie petzel in new york city, 3logie at stadtgalerie brixen with the südtiroler künstlerbund, royal college of art- moving image group show togetherness, at assembly point in peckham, london. her work is featured in the public collection of the ladin museum.

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School of Arts & Humanities

Moving Image
caverna magica
caverna magica — [drawing made with pencil, mixed media. 16.5"x 11.5"]
polaroid_01 — [sculpture made of play dough, wire, newspaper, plaster of paris, wax, hot glue, cardboard box. 15"x 12"x 10"]
caverna magica

human consciousness is believed to have come about by a shift in perception. the subconscious internal voice, previously experienced as alien, was now experienced as internal. the ancient egyptians called this concept ka. bicameral mind theory is a hypothetical theory that believes the neurological functioning of the human brain is divided into the right and left side of the brain and connected via the corpus callosum. in his book mind children, hans moravec speculates on the migratory nature of consciousness. platos cave theorem refers to the perception of the real versus the unreal. he states that reality expresses itself in the shape of ideas, that manifest as forms. if reality is an idea in the shape of a form, positive space- it's antithesis could be seen as the unreal in the shape of a non- form, negative space, the unconscious, the dream, sleep- the absence of being as it's own form of being. the ancients told of a cave being the gate to the hades. greek mythology is riddled with the engendered associations of the maternal vessel opening to a subterranean purgatory filled with muffled roars, bitter cries and diabolical laughter.

many have been known to get lost in the search for the miraculous. he followed her voice to a clearing in the forest and into the womb of the earth...

"this story takes place

in a dark, misterious and foreboding place-

you never know what's hiding in the shadows.

many have looked for it, but few have ever seen it-

nobody knows where it is or how to find it-

some might call it a game-

but this is a competitive place

and gaining the edge for survival

has forced many creatures to evolve in bizarre ways.

some can see without eyes,

without light,

others have more refined ways of communicating their presence in obscure fashions.

where the real and the virtual merge to form a new reality-

beyond our comprehension.

this world was now ruled by a mighty & strange force,

not one creature- nor many, no shape or name this creature has.

but somewhere deep within this world lies the answer-

to the mysterious destiny that had befallen it..."

the game
the game — a postcard from virtual reality. a mysterious postcard appears in your post box, it reads: the game, addressed to you. but this is no usual postcard, it is a hologram. one has to shine a light on it from a certain angle to notice, that there is more then meets the eye. what looks like a one dimensional image, appears to suggest a further dimension. a simple shift in perception opens a previously unrecognized dimension in space, as if one really could step into it.

this is a speculative fictional story of a virtual game that dwells between the realms of reality and fiction. this game does not exist. a first draft and outline where written in early 2019, inspired by research conducted in connection to my dissertation....the story begins by revealing the finding of a corpus delicti. a heinous act was committed: murder. unable to identify the dismembered corpus delicti, the case remains unsolved.

who done it?

...a screenplay is currently in development.


the carrot
the carrot — the carrot on the stick is a sculpture made of bamboo, string and polyurethane resin. a staple idiom, ranging from behaviour conditioning techniques to don quixote and sancho panzas adventures. it alludes to the lure of constant novelty and technology and served as inspiration for the beginning of a collaboration with jason sapan at the holographic studio.

“you ask what is life? that is the same as asking, what is a carrot? a carrot is a carrot and we know nothing more."

anton pavlovich chekhov


polyurethan resin, string, bamboo, acrylic


4.5"x 1"
developing holographic film
developing holographic film
the carrot
the carrot — single beam transmission hologram
collaborative laser show — collaborative laser show performance we filmed and performed at the holographic studios in new york city in may 2021 with jason sapan aka dr. laser and his interns mali and silo.

the research into holography was initiated by the cold war. dennis gabor used a mercury lamp in 1948 to create the first hologram, but it was only after theodore maiman developed the laser, in his ruby crystal laser experiments at hughes research laboratories, that laser holography was possible. a hologram is accurate in all three dimensions, what is called an orthoscopic image. a laser is the highest frequency coherent light source, created by electromagnetic radiation. the medium of holography is light, the object is to capture the interference of light on the holographic film emulsion. this can be achieved by many different capturing techniques in holography. 

i have met dr. laser aka jason sapan many years ago as i did an internship at the holographic studio in new york city. he has been making holograms for the last 40 years and has collaborated with many artists, scientists and personalities. to understand holography one must try to understand how light works. the physical and optical properties of light and the differences between them, are fundamental for understanding this fascinating medium. 


single beam transmission hologram


7"x 5"
sven sachsalber — r.i.p. my friend.

a couple of years ago i started taking photo and video portraits of friends of mine, sven was one of them. sven passed away last december. he spoke fondly of his time at his alma mater, the royal college of art in london. this was a first edit of a project that had only just started- but it was ment to be left unfinished.


pink moon

flower moon shot on my roof in brixton in 2019.


5 elements

created in VR as part of a collaboration to create an interactive physics game engine at the VR hackathon @ MIT 2020


[VR video edit]