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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Jingyi Wu

Born and raised in Jiangxi, China, Jingyi Wu studied ceramics at the Tsinghua University and graduated in 2018. She then came to London to undertake a MA at the Royal College of Art.

She is determined to have her own studio in the near future where she will continue to explore materiality and narratives.

Art allows me to express implicitly at a comfortable distance without any limitation of mediums. My work often responds to gender, historical and local political issues, memories or fantasy. I am obsessed with the systematics in the making and retaining the possibility of continuous development of the work. My enthusiasm for museums and fairy tales influences me at the same time, therefore it allows me to present my work in a rational research manner with fragmented narratives. 

DIK Museum
DIK Museum
DIK Museum
The starting point of this project, letters discarded by a stranger.

This is an ongoing project starting with a speculation on the life of a stranger through her discarded letters. However, it has become a journey of self-reflection and consequently deepened my understanding of society, history and surrounding environments. Through my exploration in solitude, I have gradually accepted the fact of self-interest and slowly released my findings through my work. Winding obstacles and harmless lies are imbedded in the work for the viewer to experience an authentic replication off my journey. This fictional museum collects the research about myself.


Wood, Ceramic, Glass, Polymer clay, Metal, Pearl, Resin, Paper
Onion I
Onion I
Onion I
Onion II
Onion II

Like peeling an onion,

I strip you off.

So time and distance,

Will never go back to the past.


Ceramic, Glass, Polymer clay, eggshell, feather
A Unicorn Passing by My Window
The Peony Pavilion
A Week at RCA
Reading Club
Jewellery Box
Never-flower in Never-dream

Night is the day of dreams,

The soul strays freely in sleep,

There is no end.

In this expansive time,

Mind is wandering,

Traveling in ways that the bound body cannot.


Tin box, Wire, Resin, Ceramic, Polymer clay, Pearl, Paper
House of Cards
House of Cards

Hard working,

Working hard to waste life,

Get used to the cycle,

Repeat the inextricable trajectory,

An endless game,

But no one left.


Ceramic, Wood
Transparent Family
Transparent Family
Transparent Family

Not seen head-up,

Not recorded,

Easily forgotten,

Transparent family,

The transparent half.


Ceramic, Glass, Metal

I see colourful faces in shadows,

Colourful people dancing.

The red celebration paper buried the green bones,

We are walking,

On the road leading to this swamp.


Ready-made album, Printed illustration
A story of boxes - view master reel — Film paper
A story of boxes

The colour disperses colours,

A box contains a box,

One generation to another,

The story pretends to be a story,

The cycle is a template for everything.

14/3/2021 2:04-4:22 — How cruel the archive is, Shuffling the candy and the snake's tail, All together in the drawer.
Bird — Birds, Hear no sound, Wings can not fly, Claws are lost, Eyes are closed. I’m missing you, bird.
Mason Factory — Grew up in one, Human factory. Living in fictional freedom, Lying in false spaciousness, Speaks loudly in a vacuum. Yet freedom does not exist.


Ceramic, Mason jar, Fishing line
What Tears Are Made Of
How My Heart Works
Why Can't We Look at the Sun

Running in emotion,

Breathing in flame,

Freezing in cage of sight.

Red keeps our body warm,

We sing in silence,

And communicate with no words.

Thank you for being here,

It’s nice to talk to you.


Digital animation
DIK Museum Archive

This is an archive about a half-fiction research and collections in DIK Museum.