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Sculpture (MA)

Jihyun Min

 My approaches towards an ideal society are embodied in the equivalent value of lives. For this theory, two different approaches are required.

 When it comes to the real equivalent value of lives, grouping all people, without exception can be the best strategy. I argue it is the best approach to focus on sameness rather than differences, for this topic.

 Regarding individual diversity, although our inner world is one of the human essences, its importance tends to be neglected due to its uncertain form, this causes a poor understanding, in my experience. Thus, I attempt to draw attention to our inner world by suggesting its mysterious indescribable depth.

 Since I see the multiplicity of human essence, as various as at least the number of human beings, as well we can never be other people, the only way I can talk about this essence appropriately, is to suggest mine as a case.

 I also pursue to have a more intuitive and sensational interaction beyond our differences and education. I believe that our communication these days is relying on visuals and languages in a totality. It is not how I find communication in the first place, it also relates to categorizing people. Categorizing is the activity based on the differences that is against my strategy of focusing on sameness, towards the equivalent value of lives. Because it also can be a way to distinguish people, to give advantage to a group in the conversation no matter my purpose.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

  I find Art as an exploration of nature as it is, just like the human essence. "The pathway of body and mind", this was begun with my favorite activity, walking in silence. In the meditative moment, I thought of the connection between body and mind. It is a strategy to think of a basic activity of people, beyond the difference of culture or languages.

 3D materials in VR are intangible sculptures to me. They suggest width, height, and volume, that is the definition of sculpture. Since the vulnerability of VR represents my sense of the human essence, I described the vulnerable connection in an intangible way.

  I love how art pieces enable communication to go deeper and increase the chances of not relying on ‘in-person communication’, by expanding the limitations such as time, place, etc. The ultimate goal of my works is to be an exciting exploration of the world and communication, which we can access any time we want.

 Beauty is the best tool for me to draw people's attention to my contention. Then the sincerity is how I pursue to make my argument powerful. I admire Alberto Giacometti the most. Not exactly about the materials and technic, his good heart and attitude on humanity reveal themselves through his works. It is how I see that true beauty comes with good artwork.

 Despite the difficulty, I try to take full responsibility to figure out better ways as a living thing, as an artist, as a person who got educated, as a member of society, as a part of nature.

360 view painting

 This work is to figure out my awareness of the difference between planes and paintings distinguished as plane works. Even though I have an understanding of the traditional classification such as Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, etc that is about where people pay attention the most, my curiosity on how it would look like when I do painting with the real planes.  

 I love tender, soft touching the most, and painting contains my favorite action the most in my experience. There was a time I wanted to be a painter, but my tiny brushing was too week to survive when I see the massive world. The reason I rethink painting is that now I see it as one of the human activities. This perspective is one of my approaches to explore my pure desire, and anything with tender movement can be my paintings from now on.


planes, movement of brushing, on Virtual space


exported max 8k


Repetitive movement, body and mind, on virtual space.


360 degree view, 4k, 5'25"


Captured movement, voice, feelings, experience


4k, 3'47"