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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSC)

Jeremy Hulse

Jeremy Hulse is a design engineer with a deep interest in social design – in particular, how to build empathy and understand human behaviour in order to develop more inclusive and inherently sustainable/ circular practices that benefit both society and the environment.

After graduating from Cambridge University with an MSc in Natural Science (Physics), Jeremy spent several years working in an engineering context – including quality control testing for a smartphone camera company in China and developing sustainable engineering solutions for rural livelihood applications in India.

Having grown up in rural Somerset, Jeremy also has a deep love for the outdoors and exploring places by foot and by bicycle.

Yuck Yuck Bye Bye is a low-cost solution for kitchen food waste caddies that helps eliminate the ‘yuck factor’ – the most common reason for non-participation in food waste recycling schemes – and improves hygiene at home. It was primarily developed for people living in flatted households and is designed to help councils save money as well as increase the possibility of recycling in dense urban areas.