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Print (MA)

Jeannie Wong

Ho Ching Jeannie Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong, and is currently based in London. She graduated from Visual Arts Academy, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017 and worked as print technician in the HKBU before coming to RCA. She has participated in various group shows in Hong Kong, UK, Bremen and Japan, and held her first solo show in 2019 in Hong Kong Open Print Shop.  

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Print (MA)

The frustrations I gained in human relationships are encapsulated in a bundle of memories and feelings and are accumulated and suppressed in my unconscious mind. Further anxiety in identity and morality are brought about by the absurd political states and social movement in Hong Kong. This results in a more urgent need in releasing and expressing these undermined emotions.  

I collect fragments of images from daily experience and recall and regroup them under a setting of landscapes and space. They are the records and responses towards the anxiety brought by the physical and psychological distance between lands, past and future presented in a form of narrative and experience. These anxieties are transformed into visual motifs like transportation, portals, water and animals in these discontinuous landscapes I made. 

I see this act similar to the process of recalling memories, they are fused into a narrative without a linear timeline and are projected by the forms of printmaking, drawing, clay and sound. These media allow me to record time, create scenes and a nostalgic ambience. These landscapes exist as a vague space between the two realities that provoke the audience with a sense of suspense and quietness. This in turn may trigger their emotions and their latent traumatic memories. 

Keeper (2021)
Sunset and dreams (2021)
Magpies (2021)
Fountain (2021)
Fireflies (2021)
Flood (2021)

This is a story of the deterioration of one clan. A series of 6 drypoints on paper narrating the fall of a farm that plants stars. Nightmares are collected by the Magpies and fed to the field by the goats, stars are harvested for decorating the sky. With the invasion of the fireflies, they took over the sky and the farm was gradually abandoned and disappeared under the water.

Repetitive marks of water, grass and animals suggested an ambiguous world with low clarity in time and physical space.


Drypoint on paper


41x 34 cm
Flower and barriers (2021)
Star and Volcano (2021)

People gain a sense of security by blindly believing in visible fences and barriers even though they are nonfunctional and illogical, and overlook the unsettled anxiety and passions boiling in the dormant volcano.


Drypoint, Chine Collé on paper


54 x 41 cm
Open (Inner pages)
Pebble and ripple
Sunset in a train
Meteor shower
Page with text

Outsider is an accordion book printed with Mokuhanga and a typewriter. Using abstract and sentimental text and images this expresses the awkwardness and complex feelings that cannot be named. These feelings are brought by being an outsider throughout different stages of life.


Mokuhanga, Typewriter on paper


Light House (2020) — 40x30 cm
A Rainy Day (2020) — 40x30 cm
Cave by the sea (2020) — 20x15 cm
Deer Dance (2020) — 27x18.5 cm

Influenced by folklore, these prints with mokuhanga and etching aim to create fables, creating a space resembling reality but with ambiguous characters like animals and human figures. The water pigments of the mokuhanga are soaked between the fibres of the papers, suggesting one realm; while the etching ink flows on top suggesting another. 


Mokuhanga and etching on paper
Props (2021)
Spring in a room (2021) — 00:01:36

I see Landscape also as a theatre stage. Objects depicted out scale are placed like props to create a space without specific horizon or dimensions. 

Combining the ambient sounds that I recorded in my room with an original piano track on C major, I recalled my memory from childhood playing piano on a warm day with the heat of the sunset.


Clay and metal wire, audio