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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Hayley Gibson

At Fulfilment Services Ltd. we strive to understand your needs. We build on the logistics of the systemised supply chain: from algorithm to ‘click to buy’, from factory worker to shipping container, from delivery driver to momentarily satisfied consumer; from there we link, de-link, and re-link. Taking place throughout London, with Gasworks as the nexus of a series of public interventions, our project invites artists to respond to the contemporary provocation of an alter-fulfilment narrative.

Fulfilment Services Ltd. is a city-wide exhibition of 12 billboards, 2 vans, online e-commerce platform and digital commissions produced under the framework of CCA RCA Graduate Projects 2021. In our network-based process of collaboration, the site of Gasworks serves as a master fulfilment & logistics centre from which the commissioned artworks are transmitted into the public sphere. Like bees from a hive, like spokes from a hub, like light from a constellation, a series of billboards, vehicles and products are issued. It is in this vein that we appropriate fulfilment logistics, such as delivery networks, transportation webs, and disseminated information points. This culminates in a week of activity, intervening in the existing systems within everyday life; we walk around oblivious to the purpose of the movement around us.

Fulfilment Services Ltd. places the work of Arvid&Marie, DNA, Florence Jung, and Frank Wang Yefeng directly into this network of things, scattering their messages through existing systems of production and circulation. These artist commissions are complemented by a writing commission by George Lynch. We utilise existing dissemination networks whilst also creating our own; working towards an alternative imagination or a rethinking of capitalist logistics disguised as the mechanical supply chain of fulfilment. In imagining alternate realities of fulfilment by looking at the chain of production, networks of transportation, and the extortionist quality of fabricated needs, we encourage YOU to question, does this really fulfil you?

Logistical capitalism and big-tech logistics have seen us monitored in unprecedented ways through the surveilling nature of the internet and internet-of-things. Products and information circulate through layered networks of visible and invisible infrastructures - transforming intangible human desires into a machine-legible language of algorithms and putting the predictive model of human behaviour into mass production. Economic and political models are based on this logic of fulfilment. This dynamic begins to feel extreme when the agents that hold economic or political power are no longer satisfied with simply responding to needs, but rather work towards creating new ones.

The logic of fulfilment creates imagined or predicted future scenarios by satisfying and exceeding the needs of users. In doing so users are integrated into the production chain. The world under fulfilment control is a dystopian scene; in it, the chain of production is no longer unidirectional. This throws traditional pathways into such disarray that it leads us to ask ourselves paramount questions: is there an end to this fulfilment complex? Is capitalism fulfilling consumers or are consumers fulfilling capitalism?

Fulfilment Services Ltd. was produced in partnership with Gasworks, and supported by Jack Arts and Print&Digital.

Hayley Gibson is an artist and curator working within socio-political enquiry and organisation through utilising DIY, guerrilla tactics, and the public sphere, to transform space and narrative. Working collaboratively, they work to create collective change, participate in resistance, and prioritise marginalised communities.

Hayley’s research focuses on protest, performance, publics, and politics, with specific enquiries into spatial politics and the relationship between protest and curatorial practice. Throughout their time at the RCA they researched the ethics and functionality of protest objects within the sphere of art. Their previous writing includes research into the Situationist International, forms of participatory art and performance, and the relationship between the archive and social movements.

For their graduate project, Hayley co-curated Fulfilment Services Ltd. a hybrid exhibition utilising networks and spaces throughout London, placing the work of artists across various mediums of dissemination, including billboards, vans, digital works, and an e-commerce platform. The project, in partnership with Gasworks, worked as a form of both investigation and parody, uncovering existing systems of techno-capitalism and rethinking capitalist logistics in the world of fulfilment.

Recently Hayley has been working on projects such as Part of the Community, which worked to platform and distribute the works of Queer people within the community of the RCA, as well as being co-founder of the collective Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted, which works as an open collective of artists focusing on the fly-poster medium to resist the policing of public space by reclaiming the street through activist communication. Prior to their studies at the RCA, Hayley graduated from BA Philosophy, Politics, Art at the University of Brighton.

D.N.A., Welcome To The Crisis, 2021
Florence Jung, Jung79, 2021
Arvid&Marie, Smart Assistant, 2021 — In collaboration with Batlabat
Frank Wang Yefeng, Slow Spectre, 2021
D.N.A., Elitism Sucks, 2021
Florence Jung, Jung79, 2021
Arvid&Marie, Smartphone, 2021 — In collaboration with Post Neon
Frank Wang Yefeng, Slow Spectre, 2021