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Design As Catalyst

Haoqi Li

I am a cross-disciplinary product designer, sculptor, service designer and user experience designer. At the same time, I am also a senior snow sculpturer and ice and snow artist, participating in the International Snow Sculpture Competition and the National Snow Sculpture Competition and achieved excellent awards.

In 2020, I cooperate with students majoring in service design to launch the entrepreneurial project "Ice and Snow Winter Camp", which aims to provide space for young students studying product design, service design and ice and snow art. Besides, We hope teenagers could form a clear design and plan for their future step by step.

I am very grateful for the days of studying at RCA. I met a group of great teachers and classmates here. Although the Covid-19 caused lots of inconveniences, I still appreciate these two years.

nowadays, I have a more long-term plan for the future and a deeper understanding of design.

vedio — how does 'N-rest' work?
Story — Why design for food deliverers?
Main material discussion

"N-rest" is a project designed for food deliverers to take physical rest on the scooter while off-peak working time. Based on convenience, function, value and in-depth delivery work experience, N-rest has gone through multiple prototypes, from uniforms, backrests, to the current foldable design and achieved success in the real work process and received praise from food deliverers.

"N-rest" does not only provide a specific rest method for deliverers but also hope to arose the public empath and concern for workers rest quality.


Nylon with waterproof coating, Velcro, Nolypropylene sheet, Nylon belt.