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Object Mediated Interactions

Hao Liu

Liu Hao is a designer passionate in making nice user experience and reasonable interaction for digital products. His background in industrial design let him know what is a beautiful object. Now he puts his interest on As a designer, what can I do in this digital era to make a better world.


- UX design intern in Microsoft, 2020-2021

- Interaction design intern in SONY, 2020

- UX design intern in GE, 2019

I am extremely sensitive to the experience of digital products. Obviously, the complicated privacy settings on digital products have brought me problems but also inspirations. My project will focus on how to create a new privacy communication mechanism for users and enterprises through intuitive interaction.

Now, listen, watch, and feel your data.

Who is Surveillant — A new relationship between users and digital products - The user become the surveillant
Part 1
Part 1 — Purchase and install - Privacy Dashboard, Privacy Box, Action Module
Part 2
Part 2 — Setting - Each Privacy Box represents one type of user data.
Part 3 — Data of browsing actions was being collected by ads provider. Privacy Box notified the user through screen, light and sound. The more the data is collected, the faster the fan runs and the brighter the led is.
Part 4 — Use Action Module - Delete all collected data from the ads provider.
Action modules — There will be more...

Privacy and data is undoubtedly one of the biggest issues in the Internet world today. Users and technology companies are working hard to defend the data property they depend on. In traditional relationships, technology companies always play the role of surveillant, and attempt to conceal this serious fact with hard-to-read terms of service and complicated cookie settings.

As the owner of personal data from beginning to end, the user should have the right to know and control it in the most timely and detailed manner. Obviously, the world today is far from being able to do this, even though these basic user rights have already been written into regulations such as GDPR.

It is hard to cut this relationship between users and digital products, however, we can create a new one. In my project, companies will adopt a brand-new technical standard and legal commitment. All actions on user data will be granulated and timely informed to users. These processes are perceivable through sound and vision. And by placing action modules, users will be able to deploy data strategies in an intuitive and fast way. Simply put, users also become surveillant.


40cm x 60cm x 5cm
New Surveillance Plan — New Surveillance Plan is an important campaign in this project. It represents a new data storage and use standard. Any behavior of the company on user data will be known by users in a timely manner.
New Surveillance Plan — It is also a legal commitment. Companies in this plan will strictly adopt and abide by the new data access process, and provide corresponding interfaces to Action Module for users to quickly execute data responses.
New Surveillance Plan — Most importantly, companies and products that joined this plan will be highly promoted to attract more users who are concerned about privacy data. A win-win game.