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Painting (MA)

Gal Schindler

Gal Schindler is an artist living and working in London. Prior to the Royal College of Art she received her BA at The Slade School of Fine Art.

Recent shows include After Image at MAMOTH, London; Onlooking at KUPFER, London; Limb-Loosener at Daisy's Room Gallery and les danses nocturnes with eastcontemporary, Entrevaux/Cote d'Azur, France. The work previously received press coverage in ELEPHANT Magazine and Émergent Magazine.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

The figures in my paintings retain an ‘unfinished’ look — the idea of subtraction, negative space and touch play a significant role within the way I approach the surface. Often located in a non-existent, washed up space, they emerge from multiple layers of slick, fluid wet paint. They come to life numerous times as I cover layers on top of one another, carving them out again and again, changeable while the surface is still wet and before the image is dry and ‘fixed’ forever. By marks of removing and revealing, the figure is both appearing and disappearing, living in a state of LIMBO, constantly shape-shifting and refusing binary thinking. They move and overflow beyond the edges of the canvas, claim their territory and look the viewer in the eye - they are not merely painted but they ARE the painting. Searching and discovering these characters allow me to live a life through painting – they can hold an emotional space that exists in me that I may not always able to express in real life or in words. Through them I can transcend my own reality and move into an intangible connection that is able to dial into frequencies of the unknown and the inexplicable


Untitled — Oil on canvas, 50 X 40 cm
Quicksand Lullaby — Oil on wood, 45 X 30 cm
Diabolic Attack — Oil on canvas, 60 X 50 cm
Horizontal Fall — Oil on canvas, 60 X 50 cm
Untitled — Oil on canvas, 30 X 40 cm
MayFever — Oil on canvas, 50 X 30 cm
DoubleNegation — Oil on canvas, 100 X 160 cm
D-L-L — Oil on wood, 120 X 100 cm
Homeostasis — Oil on canvas, 61 X 61 cm
Rivers of 1000 Tongues — Oil on canvas, 102 X 176 cm
Installation view — 'Onlooking', KUPFER Gallery (London, UK) Year: 2020
Installation view — 'After Image', MAMOTH Gallery (London, UK) Year: 2020