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Feiyang Yin

Feiyang Yin is a multi-disciplinary designer who is dedicated to colour and media combinations. With experiences in both fashion and textile, she found her own method to express aesthetics by using hand dyeing with diverse kinds of textures.

In her theory, textile can be much more than just a piece of fabric; it can be used in interior designs with practical functionality. Also, textile can be treated as an inspirational medium for fashion and fine art.

After weaving for five years, she chose to concentrate on Jacquard weaving as the main path for her project developments. With Jacquard, she gets to keep the traditional weaving theories, meanwhile able to create samples with three dimensional effects and finishing techniques.

Her MA projects are all concerning the relationships between humankind and space. She constantly experiments with digital software and solid materials in order to create a sensational atmosphere and changing movement. She believes the spatial experience can trigger imagination and emotional thoughts based on the individual’s own memories.

Degree Details

School of Design



Loro Piana

Re-shape // From Isolation To Body Sensation

This project is inspired by her self-isolating period during lockdowns. Staying at home for more than half a year, she has moved her life onto the bed. It is the most comfortable place for her, not only as a spot for sleeping but also as a shelter surrounded by fluffy textiles. 

The longer she stays in bed, the closer is the relationship between herself and the bed. Sometimes, she feels herself swallowed by the bed, making her so insignificant, drowning and sinking with homesickness and loneliness.

She then takes all these emotional feelings as the fundamental narrative in the development of this project, based on body gesture photographs and drawings in pattern designs. As for the colour of this project, she is inspired by the Spanish movie “Talk to Her”.

The final samples are made with Jacquard, combining with finishing techniques after the weave. Shrinking effects are achieved by using yarns like Pemotex, Elastic, Wool and Cashmere blend, with dip dyeing for the gradient colour shades.


Saharian, Wool, Pemotex, Silk, Silk Steel, Elastic


1-1.5*0.9 Metre

Loro Piana

Sponsorship for the Saharian yarns used in Jacquard designs.