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Photography (MA)

Eman Khokhar

Eman Khokhar was born in Lahore, Pakistan and raised in Dubai, UAE. With early schooling and exposure to a multi-cultural society, Eman has gained her inspiration from her environment.

After completing school, Eman went onto to study further at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux, Switzerland which was instrumental in shaping her ideas. She then went on to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from Oxford Brookes University. In her earlier work, Eman found fascination in the veil and the philosophical notions of the female gaze. Being exposed to such concepts and artists planted a seed for an enduring passion in photography.

During her years away from home and constant travel, her separation from her culture, society and identity grew and became a new starting point of her ongoing endeavors.

Using a camera lens as a crutch, Eman Khokhar was Inspired and heavily influenced by artists such as Shirin Neshat, Brian Dillon, Barbara Bloom and Chantal Faust. The intensity of depicting a relationship between a mother and daughter coinciding with memory, space, presence and absence are all imbued in her photographs.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

Amid the worldwide pandemic, I travelled home to the Middle East and I found myself reconnecting with my Mother. I began noticing her gentle hand gestures whilst offering her prayers, the manner in which she would do her veil and the way she would caress her prayer beads. I pondered over our past, and the differences in our experiences growing up as young women. We were worlds apart and I felt the presence of a wall between us.

Artwork has proven itself to transcend class, religion and language; by entering the realm of the human experience. My practice responds to the challenges associated with the relationship between a mother and daughter within a South Asian culture. The work seeks to explore the underlying schism between comfort vs. discomfort, traditionalism vs. modernity, and independence vs. the cost of compliance, at times, driving distortions and dysfunctions within my self. The Space In-Between is a particularly raw and personal piece of work, which has allowed me to explore and channel the fears in my practice.

The dynamic in our relationship became my muse.

Title: Becoming

Medium: C-Type Print

Size: 140x100cm

Seperation — Medium: C-Type Print Size: 100x140cm
The Space In-Between — Medium: C-Type Print Size: 100x140cm
Peaking Through — Medium: C-Type Print 80x60cm
Invisible Touch — Medium: C-Type Print Size: 100x140cm
Untitled — Medium: C-Type Print Size: 100x140cm
My Turn — Medium: C-Type Print Size:100x140cm
My Turn (Close up) — Medium: C-Type Print Size:100x140cm


C-Type Print