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Ella Rose Smith

Ella is a woven textile designer based between London and Cardiff. Prior to studying at the RCA, she completed her Bachelors Degree at Carmarthen School of Art in West Wales, where she discovered the fascinating and intriguing world of materiality and yarn. 

Ella has always relished an attention for detail and embraces the meticulous nature of design and craft. She is currently exploring her creative identity through hand-weaving, Jacquard sampling, photography and paint.  

She featured as one of the Top Graduates in 2018 WGSN report as well as her designs being included in Spring/Summer 2020 WGSN Forecast.

During her first year at the RCA, Ella was awarded The Worshipful Company of Weavers Grant which has helped support her studies. 

Ella Rose Smith

REALIGN // Crafting Lines

Can we realign ourselves as freely as sea grass in motion. 

In her recent body of work, Crafting Lines, Ella has been exploring the visual material qualities and the rhythms and repetitions found in natural phenomena. She is fascinated by nature's intrinsic communication and portrays this using design driven woven and painted techniques. Fluidity and containment, combined with sporadically placed colour, provides scope for visual and textual anomalies. 

As a weaver, she is curious to pose the thought of how the loom and warp become a voice of expression. Ella is continuously building a visual language which enables her to communicate her thoughts and ideas in a highly creative manner.

Using traditional weaving techniques with a contemporary twist, Ella is building her portfolio of woven designs which are created for public and private spaces as well as building a platform for commissioned work.

Sketchbooks — A combination of quick, instinctive mark making techniques evoking rhythm and movement found within natural phenomena.
Return — 25 x 61 cm
Bands — 25 x 38 cm
Grade — 25 x 51 cm

Handwoven painted silk warp experimenting with continuous multiple thread wefts.


silk, cotton, monofilament and silk paint
Ascension — 30 x 117 cm 100% cotton
Independent Line
Independent Line — 28 x 30 cm 100% cotton
Shift — 24 x 30 cm cotton, wool

A series of Jacquard woven designs that explore pseudo randomness. A combination of machine and hand processes.

Pursue — 19 x 30 cm silk, cotton, polyester, silk paint
Mission — 23 x 60 cm silk, cotton, polyester, silk paint

Handwoven designs introducing rope to add depth and dimension.

The Worshipful Company of Weavers