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Elena Gucas

Elena Gučas (b1992, Lithuania) is interested in producing interactive and escapist spaces through objects, film, materials and print. 

Blurring the lines between design and craft, her practice is instinctive and playful.

Degree Details

School of Design


REDISCOVER // materials , identity, belonging

“Between Longing and Belonging” is a project about rediscovering lost relationships, personal, cultural and historical.

It began in October 2020 in rural Lithuania, when I went to meet my father for the first time.

Placing my camera as if it was a ‘household appliance’ - I captured our conversations,  intimate moments and surroundings.

I wanted to document the beauty of the mundane, while understanding my relationship with my father and his domestic space.

Through experimentation with painting, sculpture and fabric development I recreated an abstract edition of his living space.

The final online piece, is a film that explores the importance of non verbal communication and what it means to be connected to our history, surroundings and one another.

It's about my father, his dog and potato pancakes.

Cracked Screen Repair & Replacement II

I never dream of my phone. According to Apple Screen Time, I spend 1hour and 50 minutes a day staring at the screen, yet it never features in my dreams. More than 10% of the time I'm awake every day, I scroll. Significantly more time than I think of my grandma's house by the lake, yet most of dream are set there.

- Tyfoid

conversations with my father
3D visualisation of IRL installation

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