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Experimental Communication

Dougal Verinder Gedge

I am Dougal Verinder Gedge.

My current interests include :

- Digital Garden Spaces (Y2K-Pre Trump)

- Human relationships with Artificial Intelligence

- Noise Music

- Neo-Shamanism

- Net Excavation

- The role of the Author and Audience within Art

- Rock Climbing 

- Long Distance Running

Winner of the Varley Award 2020, in partnership with Louise Gholam

Shortlisted for the Royal College of Art x Pokemon Scholarship 2020

Previous Education:

Falmouth University, Graphic Design (BA) (First Honours) 

Hochschule Augsburg, Germany, Visual Communication (BA) 


Timothy Donaldson, Luke Pendrell, Mafalda Spencer, Ken Hollings, Brian Clarke, Jens Masmann

"Studying both Graphic Design and Conceptual Art has located Dougal Verinder Gedge within the middle-ground between what would be considered ‘Design’ and ‘Art’. A youth experienced through the Internet has heavily influenced his work, obliging him to question the meaning of ‘authenticity’ in both the physical and digital realms. Self-professing his work to be experimental by nature, Gedge seeks to constantly question and raise awareness of topics which the general public would normally overlook."

- Artists Statement

"...Gedge is a deluxe example of what the future holds for graphic design, art and communication. Untold cheek that’s demolishing new grounds through his free reign over visual language and identity. Part climber, part runner part societal critic, Dougal somehow straddles many worlds, the thematic brainchild of this synergy is like a fresh new baby of an unknown race, a kind of more socially acceptable version of Nietzsche's übermensch; not to be ignored, lest we miss Zarathustra’s redemptive message..."

- Interview with Loose Lips, 2020

Super Soaker


Framed Supergloss Vinyl Sticker


A0 118.9cm x 84.1cm

Etching of a conspiracy theorists sketchbook page


Etching on Proofing paper


DDR close up

Run of 150


Risograph on Munken paper


Nemesis and Paradise

Experiments aiming to humanise ASCII usage


Pen, Pencil & Paper


Throat of the World

Influences from my past mixed together





The Visual Communication 2021 MA graduates of the RCA, are pleased to invite you to their physical show, TERMINAL. The show opens for private viewing on the 26 June (5.30am - 10pm) and is open to the public from the 27-30 June (10am-10pm), at Ugly Duck in Southwark, London.

Terminal unpacks the students’ experience of spending 18 months in a terminal-like space, and seeing it as an essential period in critical thinking and making. Visitors are invited to join this speculative space spread across nine exhibition Zones.

The identity of Terminal is inspired by digital, grid-based communication systems, such as LED-signage and ASCII and aims to provide the elements and ideas into the physical room. The identity of Terminal is exploring the idea of a shared space, both physical and digital. 

Collaboration with : William Jacobson, Can Yang, Rocco Punghellini, Johann Spindler, Nayonika Ghosh

Export Radio Website
Afterparty Visuals
Record Sleeve
click for more info!

We are Dougal Verinder Gedge, Carmo Pinheiro de Melo and Louise Gholam. Together we set up RCA VisCom’s radio station Export Radio.


Our station is Internet-based and led by Experimental Communication (School of Communication) students at the Royal College of Art of London. We curate weekly showcases of music, conversation and interview, collected from both RCA students and further afield. This sonic satellite is an opportunity to re-invigorate the public through worldwide collaboration and discussion, whilst also building bridges in a post-Brexit, mid-Covid-19 environment.

We curate weekly showcases of music, conversation and interview, collected from both RCA students and further afield. Intertwined within the Art/sound scene of today, Export aims to observe experimentation through an International lens.


Used as a knowledge-sharing and collaborative platform, Export Radio offers a parallel space for students to reflect on WHAT they are learning about, but especially HOW they are taught at the RCA. In the context of the Work in Progress show, students felt the need to find a more humane and interactive way to share their work, their concerns regarding the institution they are studying in but also their professionalization. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, once we leave the RCA?

Following this thought, the team at Export Radio has put together 3 breakfast sessions which will feature performances, roundtables, Q&As… It will offer students another format for visibility, getting their voices heard within and outside the ‘walls’ of the RCA.

These sessions will be run during the satellite event for Visual Communication at the Ugly Duck! XXX

Both events will be hosted on Export Radio’s website :

For more information and updates you can contact us on instagram: @exportradio or via email:

VISUALS BY: Louise Gholam

CURATION OF THE SHOW BY: Carmo Pinheiro de Melo


Radio Waves

Varley Memorial Award

Winner of the Varley Award 2020