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David Head

David Head is an artist based in the U.K.

He completed his first degree in ,Print and Time Based Media, at UAL's Wimbledon College of Art, in 2018.

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School of Arts & Humanities

Moving Image
David Head

Documentation, convoluted conversations, stories, episodic moments of drama, stillness and reflection - bombast notwithstanding.

Grateful thanks to my Mum, Josephine , without whose good humour, support, and disarming candour would not have made this work possible.

elephants — video of lockdown with the aged P.
Covid Funeral — On-line funeral February 2021.
Watching — Still image .Josephine watching the funeral of HRH Prince Philip , Duke of Edinburgh, April 2021

"But couldn't everyone's life become a work of art? Why should the lamp or the house be an art object, but not our life?” Michael Foucault.

Before advent I retreated , like one of my fearful Anglo-Saxon forefather's, behind the defensive burhs of my mother’s reassuringly safe, comfortably detached suburban home.

One of my remedial strategies to cope with this incarceration was to turn my camcorder’s shaky lens, alongside my shaky expectations, upon the matriarch. I began to delve into my mother’s reminiscences and family history, as well as her critiques of the televisual content she daily ingested, reacted to, baulked and ranted at.

Six months living in a world that at times resembled a mixture of ''Grey Gardens'' and ''Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'' - suffocating, liberating, farcical, hilarious, revelatory, sad and enlightening, all at once.




8.54 and 01.38 Minutes.
Fragments — Video. Post Christmas , New Year 2021. 4.04 minutes.
Covid Stories — Video.The long forgotten and the recent dead. February 2021. 3.27 minutes.
1917 — Video. A brass shell case .Video. 1.54 minutes.
Garden sunset
Garden sunset — Still image,Josephine, garden sunset, Watford, England, May 30th 2021




4.04 . 3.27 and 1.54 minutes.
Outside a pub
Outside a pub — Scanned Photograph. My paternal grandmother 'Lizzie' 1891-1975(second from left) with unknown companions, Southend-on-Sea 1940s. (artist's own collection).
Tales from beyond the grave — Archived footage recorded whilst my aunt was undergoing cancer treatment (passed away in 2018), with current day (ie 2021) recording of my mother,Josephine debunking the same story as told by her late sister in-law.

Archived footage of unused material interviewing my aunt, whilst she was at home living with terminal cancer(passed in 2018) ,coupled with a recording made in April 2021, retelling the same story by her sister- in- law (my mother) , which debunks my aunt's earlier reminiscence.




4.08 mInutes