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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Daria Coleridge

I am a ceramic sculptor and glass designer.

My practice has evolved from my career as an interior designer with architects working on 5 star hotels and private offices.  Followed by a sculpture diploma that developed into commissions in Portrait sculpture and solo shows.

The identity of my work reflects my cultural background, Italian, American and British.

I apply my understanding of kinology, the philosophy of movement, to interpret kinetic phenomena across scientific, asesthetic and social fields.  My practice stems from an interest in harnessing aspects of nature's beauty with social interaction in an evolving world in time, space and water.

I feel I have an expressive spirit to create intriguing structures that entice you to want to look deeper at  the form and understand what is going on in the round…

A light airy structure of intertwining shapes that create a voluminous open form, that has the sensation of motion and one can see through, to enable fluid reflection and layered shadowing, to perceive the unexpected.

The essence of my work is to highlight the relationship between individuals, where every person is unique in themselves for all sorts of reasons. I want to celebrate their differences and capture movement in an evolving world that does not stand still, like a dance, an active conversation.

My constructional approach defies the sense of gravity of ceramics and enhances reflection of fluid glass, to spotlight the handmade quality that gives tension to each piece.

Experimentation of unifying glass and ceramics, to capture the abstract quality of blown glass flowing through ceramics like, flowing water and to control the blown glass phenomena into a fluid sense of movement in a natural way like wind and water.

The freedom of rotating pieces of work, to be seen from different angles and playing with reflection and shadowing, has been a way to highlight the effects of living through unprecedented times of the last bizarre year!

The future… is exciting… as new horizons open to work in collaboration with galleries and competitions, to develop work for the landscape and scaled up installations.

'Rotation 1' porcelain 24cm3 — The intricacy of intertwining shapes, that starts with spontaneous drawings, have evolved into constructional sculptural shapes, that allow you to envisage being inside and looking through the form. Experiencing the expanding scale, cathedral like, that relates to volume, with light and shadow that constantly change.
'Rotation 1' with Orange — Porcelain with Orange motif 24cm3
'Rotation 1' with Orange
'Mixed Rotation' — Porcelain and Black Clay Rotation, mixed media connect together in a spontaneous combination. 25cm3
'Mixed Rotation' — Porcelain and Black Clay - mixed media 25cm3
'Rotation 1' — 'Rotation 1' porcelain 24cm3
'Rotation Flight' porcelain 32cm long

My constructional approach defies the sense of gravity of ceramics, to enhance the handmade quality that gives a uniqueness to each piece and a tension between the individual forms - just like an interactive conversation


'Orange Mirror Images' — Multiple 'Orange Mirror Images'
'Orange Mirror Rotation' — Porcelain Rotation and glazed orange forms
'Rotation Balance' — Porcelain rotation form on mirror background
'Rotation Mixed small'
'Rotation Twist' — 'Rotation Twist' 30cm Porcelain intwined on a mirror background
'Rotation 1' on mirror — 'Rotation 1' porcelain 23cm3

Investigations into colour glazes and mirror imaging to create illusion of the unexpected and expanding field.


Orange Porcelain with mirror


40cm diameter
'Orange Twist' 24cm3 porcelain
'Orange Twist' Small 15cm3. porcelain
'Orange Twist small'
Orange Twist'
'Orange Twist'
'Orange Twist'
'White Rotation 1' 18cm3 porcelain
'White Rotation 1' 18cm3 porcelain
'Rotation Twirl 1&2' — Blue/Green Glass 30-32cm high
'Whirlpool Lift' 40cm & 'Whirlpool Vase' 42cm
'Turquoise Jug' 35cm & 'Cobalt Jug' 22cm
'Purple Twist Lift' 35-24cm, 'Green Lift' 34cm & 'Green Twist Vase'
'Purple/Green Lift' 34cm & 'Green Twist Vase' 32cm
'Eddy Whirlpool' 25cm3
'Eddy Whirlpool' Blown glass 32cm3
'Turquoise Jug' 35cm glass


Blown Glass
Mixed Media 1 — 'Twirl Slipcast Series'. porcelain 22/20cms high 'Vortex Disc' series porcelain 15-20cm high Blown Glass 'Whirlpool Vase' 40cm high, 'Eddy Whirlpool' 22cm3 'Spring Rotation' burnt springs with blown glass. 23cm 'Harmonious Tension' porcelain balanced on wave motion. 18cm 'Vortex Disc 1' in porcelain 15-20cm
Lockdown Mixed Media — Lockdown feelings of enclosure, shielding, retreating and then coming out of one's shell, revaluation, experimenting with found objects and connecting them in new ways. Porcelain handbuilt, slipcast and clear blown glass.
Blown Glass flowing through Ceramics

Exploration into mixed materiality with new approaches to create moving spontaneous forms.

Lockdown happened... A time to stop, to observe, take stock...

Then to come out and experiment, with blown glass pieces to use as a pathway to create ceramics that appear to be moving, balancing that create tension...the unexpected.