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Graphic Design

Chenyu Jiang

Chenyu Jiang is a graphic designer and human-life observer based in Shanghai and London.

Her work focuses on photography and the collection of objects.

She uses common, everyday objects and re-forms them into something new and unfamiliar. Her work explores the infinite possibilities of objects – transforming function and creating new meaning by creating work that operates between nature, design, and humanities. Her work creates a space of dialogue between objects and their environment – inviting audiences to translate, reinterpret, reimagine and dig out the deeper invisible semantics of objects. 

Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

When the object separated from its signified, how do we deal with its lack?

Our lives are full of objects that we tend to ignore. Through deconstruction and then reconstruction my research investigates the subjectivity of these objects. Through observing (and intervening) in the experiences of these objects, my work operates within the transcendental space between humanity, nature, and art – exploring the meaning and function of the objects. 

Object C can be understood as:

Common; Community; Conversation; Carrier; Connection – They are all the interpretation for Project (C).

Chairs – objects of daily use. When discarded or placed outside, these old pieces of furniture create a new connection and relationship with the outside world and surrounding environment.

These everyday objects are recast as activators of new forms of dialogue as they encounter new communities and various (and unpredictable) use and phenomena.

As Zizek mentioned "less than nothing and more than something. When the chair loses the consistent meaning of “chair”, how will we view the problem that it is not a chair?

“Moving Chair”- Rug with Imagery

The object presented here is a misty imagery installation. Nature elements were extracted to deconstruct the sensual object—“chair”.

The shape and structure of object C are not fixed. Here, I leave aside the traditional definitions of the chair and interpret their sensual qualities. The work explores the perspective of perception – breaking people’s conventional cognition and understanding of these everyday objects. 


Rug/ Magazine


120cm * 120cm / 211mm*276mm
Another him
"when they are talking"

How did this dialogue between seats come about? Who are the people sitting, re-arranging these old chairs in public space? What are they talking about? How do these artifacts, when silent, still communicate? Is the place or site of dialogue limited to only what we see? 

This series of works attempts to explore and imagine the identity, content, and possibilities of dialogue between the chairs and the site and place they occupy. 

Old furniture in the Alley, 2020-2021