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Sculpture (MA)

Camilla Bliss

Camilla Bliss (b.1989, London) regularly draws on motifs found in historical craftsmanship, myth and folklore to communicate ideas about the modern world. She utilises a wide range of materials, placing an importance on the handmade and the sculptural, yet at the same time referencing our relationship to digital technology. 

Recent selected shows include Hawks in Her Hair at Alice Black Gallery, London (2021); Final, Not Over - Again, Unit 1 gallery, London (2021); Fertile Laziness, Platform Southwark, Pending at San Mei Gallery, London (2021); Window Project, Gazelli Art House, London (2019); Dirty Hands & Revelations at Standpoint Gallery, London (2019); We See You, We Hear You at Hospital Club, London (2018), Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy, London (2018) and Threads Salon at Turner Contemporary, Margate (2018), Closed Curtain (solo) at Barbican Arts Group Trust, London (2017). In addition, Camilla Bliss is a co-founder of HAZE, an artist-led curatorial project with an aim to support contemporary art. 

Solo show currently on display at 87 Gallery in Hull. (25th June - 11th September). Please click HERE for more information.

Solo exhibition at the 87 Gallery in Hull

25th June - 11th September 2021.

SWELL examines the relationship between the human psyche and water as a vital source of life that acts as a metaphor for transformation. The works explore territories that are not fixed or stable, but rest in a state between boundaries. The skeletal structures become almost bodily, referring to how we are constantly changing, evolving and dissolving as individuals. They question our relationship to the world around us which extends beyond the human form, inviting contemplation on our local and global bodies.

These works follow an unguided movement where there is an allegiance to ritual and reverence through transitory states of the mind. Each mark made to create the work becomes a memory of the dance performed. The work has a relation to body, breath and the imagination; exploring how sentimentality and spirituality can be imbued in objects through the significance of ruptured time; moments where we move in an out of consciousness.

Marshmallow Dew, 2021 (Pink)

Ceramic mixed media

79 x 46 x 46cm

Fingery Eyes, 2021 (Orange)

Ceramic mixed media

57 x 53 x 53cm

(Wine bottle for visual scale)