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Photography (MA)


Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Paradise.

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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)



From the world to another world.

_ — The sun the lead, the stars all sail.
_ — Opposing moons, emerging nets. A closed mind vanishes, a new sun peaks.
_ — Objects from the mind, shapes from the arrays. The rhythmic balance, the interstellar heritage.
_ — The song of pain, the moons in coffins. The enlightenment of all-rationale, the meeting of perspectives.
_ — Turning and reversing, echoing and painting. Differences between the inside and outside, one origin for all paths.
_ — A copy to the shuttle, a cause led to the mind. Philosophic discs are folded, toughness has grace contained.
_ — Translations inspire intelligence, circulations set the mind. Everything manifests itself, the boundaries vanish.
_ — Weal with woe, wheels will whirl. Contrary ends in reflection, parallel two in going.
_ — The incomplete in rings, all things into existence. The harmonious mind in control, the shape kept within the chaos.
_ — Objects from iteration, life from accumulation. The rise from formation, all objects to the origin.
_ — Rings with shadows, mind in logic. Five minds from the origin, four seasons in the source.
_ — The way of reproduction, the circle of life. The intermittent vision, the unsung abyss.
_ — In the sensual and secular world, the men and women crowded The tower of genes, the river of convergence
_ — The silent flame, the gate of life and death. The eyes under pressure, the mountain to journey.
_ — The stripes of stability, the ship of songs. The boat of a tower, the tower in a clamp.
_ — The sequence of codes, the succession of changes. The mute silence, the flowing undercurrents.
_ — The beam of communication, the corridor of echoes. The place of separation, the wall of exchanges.
_ — The crisscrossed valley, the reproduction land. The inter-space gaps, the far-traveling boat.
_ — The reason for obsession, the city of humanity.



Be Born.

The new world of the new rule.

To form a field through the process of assembling and scattering,

everything is connected.

If you look at the sky, the sun,

the moon and the stars are accompanying each other.

If you look around, the world is generating from the form.

---------Paradise is lost for Human Practice.


Mixed Media
Lake-viewing and source-seeking.
On the stage and behind the scene.
Reflection in emptiness.
The night of trespass.
The peek at terraces of audience.
Three commandments beyond boundaries.
The infinite, the immeasurable.
The looping wonderland.
The loaded field.



Be Born.

The new world of the new rule.

All are arrayed into close formation,

Where scenes meet emotion;

Rhythms together overlap

And variations take shape.

---------Paradise is lost for Human Practice.


Mixed Mieda



Be Born.

The new world of the new rule.

By the time

Innumerable twists and turns

Due to implement physical

Vigorous exquisite,posture myriad

---------Paradise is lost for Human Practice.


Mixed Media
CI7CLE-Chapter 1_Immortal
VVAVEC-Chapter2_On Earth

Existence trilogy begins with the relationship between human beings and ends with the relationship between EVERYTHING in the world between planet earth and the world of immortals. Hopefully this will show the players a new way of forming the understanding of the structure of this world. I Hope every participant could be motivated from the astonishing experience they get here.



Immortal/On earth/ In between

Wearable and space experience


Participatory Art Installation


Chapter 1: Immortal

For an average human being, the biological life span will not exceed about several decades. I used all our lives to pass and iterate out believes and tenets, creating more possibility for the group of human beings: the civilization. I also call for safety, happiness and ease of life, that’s why we invented cities, countries and different ways to arrange them based on our own understanding of it. Then there goes the word calls develop and iteration, when evolution breaks old rules and settings and creates new, everything is changing. For this we created the first chapter of the trilogy: Immortal. I built a wearable ring like a dress support, representing the “hard” support from the class. The programmable LED strips will collaborate with the lights on the ground, creating interaction between circles and points. In the actual mortal world aka the society, people from different class will have different “ring”s around them.I use the different color of rings to represent the different “class”, as they move around the anchor points marked on the ground ,they change their rings. Well, I hope to tell this story in a positive perspective of view, as well as encouraging players to “walk around” and try to “break” the class constrains. As all players walk around the playground, their rings will overlap each others’, creating a more astonishing and spectacular view. This mimic the condition when people from different class collaborate with each other: they can create more colorful works than before. And, if some lucky person happens to be standing at the anchor point of all 7 colors, his ring will give out all 7 colors just like a rainbow. A rainbow is a optical miracle created by sunlight, meaning the beginning of the entire human civilization, the beginning of people collaborating with each other. With all those changings taking place everyday, sunlight is the only thing immortal.

Chapter 2: The earth

“I hope everything goes well with you.” Everyone would send this greeting to his beloved friend when he is about to sail to the uncertain oceans. Searching for certainty calls for the bravery of sailing into storms not a steady ground. In this chapter of the trilogy we wish to lead the attention from human world into the bigger world that contains the mortal world: the mother nature. In this chapter, the form of waves was illustrated by lifting and rolling up the carpet. LED screens were installed into the gap to imitate the jump of waves. A tank full of water and looking glass to reflect the lights from below. The bottom of the ocean is now up high on the ceiling, this is the utopian experience i want to create for the viewers. Voyaging has been one of the most exciting experience everyone eager to experience centuries ago. It provides an overwhelming visual and physical experience yet big challenges for everyone. More tales that could tell were created to eulogize the bravery of sailors and so on. Zheng He set sail for the exotic continents several times, this marks the beginning of great fusion of different culture as well as art. Therefore, a gigantic holographic wave was created in the center of the space: it is interactive of course. This kind of new interactive experience can provide as much astonishing experience as the experience created by cultural and art fusion thousands of years ago. Motion sensors were implanted into the pirate hat provided to the players, they monitor and add the movements and steps they make during the “voyage”. The more steps they take, the more waves it generates. But eventually all waves will return to a mild, steady form, just like the environment itself: ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I hope this could stand for our philosophy: despite the fact that everything is changing, each pain still gets each gain. I also hope that the human civilization will get its continuing and evolution after one and another voyage they sail.

Chapter 3: Deirection

A thousand story have a thousand starts and endings, but they look similar now or then in general. Similarity is one of the basic links between all objects in this matter world. I wish to create a new way to look at the world in our big finale of the trilogy. For the world high up the heaven, the mortal world and everything in between. Well, start and ending is a relative term, their existence is the only cause of the word ‘consistency’. However, the requirement of being ‘consistency’ will create a constrain on our ability of understanding: we put too much weight on the relationship between ‘consequence’ and ’cause’. What if they are the other way round? What if the cause is only an illusion? If the consequence is disconnected from the cause we previously know, will it still be considered a ‘consequence’?. This is where the understanding constrains are, we human beings can not understand things not following a linear ‘cause-consequence’ process easily and naturally. 

Therefore, i created an imitated and imaginary condition in this final chapter. “What if all ‘causes’ were disconnected from ‘consequences’?” It is an imaginary experience from a higher dimension of understanding. A designated area with arrowed walls and signs, sensory isolating suits and uneven terrain were provided to the players for exploring. Directional cues and clues were provided in the space while the suit successfully isolated the players’ senses. The players were told that the earbuds were to ‘protect’ their feeling, while a random crack noise will be played after a random timer: there is NO link between their movement and the consequence! This kind of illusion will break their normal understanding of movement and ‘occasional collision’, we all fear of bump objects onto ground. This goofy space somehow strengthened the fear of crashing and breaking things, this will in return fortify the feeling of players. 

The isolating suit is inspired by the shape of life buoy: a safety belt can be safety protection and sensory isolation at the same time. The players were exploring an ocean of uncertainty with the protection provided by the suit, yet it also impairs all your feelings. There are arrows pointing to directions all around the playing area. They are walls for division and signs for directions, but they do NOT lead to any consequence.


Mixed Media

Blur the existence of boundary between human and environment

In the current era of information and interaction, distance gradually becomes blurred. In Echoes, people's experience is gradually changing.

The theater has always played an important role in people's entertainment life. The epidemic reportedly caused thousands of British theaters to close down, and the industry was hit hard. Special cultural inheritance and communication methods need to be transformed to meet new challenges. Therefore, at the moment when challenges and opportunities coexist, we have designed a replacement interactive theater in the era of pandemic based on providing experience and safety while London, where innovation and tradition converge.

Now the epidemic makes it difficult for people to travel between different countries, but the need for experience still exists. Therefore, from the facade of the building, I proceed from the concept of "Shen Yin" in China to provide the audience with an immersive experience of real-time reflection of multi-city scenes. To allow the audience to experience the feeling of being on a foreign street without going abroad. The ever-changing exotic scenes are like dreams, and the endless stream of people is constantly changing, adding exotic colors to the boring epidemic city scene. This is the first Echoes.

In the interior of the theater, i have carried out scalable design in both vertical and horizontal directions to meet the needs and safety. At the same time, i also provide a diverse experience. I will dominate the three-story space with the seats of the audience and combine the elevator with the

seats. The audience can choose to watch different plays through the lifting of the seats, providing a safe and flexible space experience. After the audience chooses a good repertoire, according to the position and number of seats, the light will surround the seats and connect with the main stage to form a light path. A new striped stage provides a close interaction between the audience and the performers within a safe distance. The change of the stage changes with the change of the number and position of the audience. The new and old boundaries are replaced and established here. This is the second Echoes.

And i provide different performances such as opera, drama, opera, performance performance, etc., with different combinations of lights and colors, to provide a light immersion under the handover of tragicomedy, so that the audience has a layered experience. This is the third Echoes.

The constantly recombined environment is closely related to the changes of the crowd, and the relationship between people is also constantly overlapping and changing. In the future, technological revolutions such as AR and VR will gradually merge and break the barriers between performers and audiences. In the context of the epidemic, how to provide more diverse experiences in a relatively fixed space will be the general trend. I hope to walk with the times and ensure safety while providing an immersive experience that the audience and performers have always interacted with.


Mixed Media

Although the haste and complex contemporary life makes people live with pressure, the breaking of the pandemic force

people slows down the rhythm of life. However, the long period of social distancing enhances individual demand on social connections.

Inspired by the new social demanding in the pandemic, I come up with the idea of Alice in wonderland. The idea,

which creates a blind sandbox to provide safe social experience, is developed on the basis of the basic Chinese philosophy in

terms of daily life.

I create a space with an independent multi-layer and overlapped structure. Each layer provides virtually spatial experience

on the daily routine of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. By protecting this special structure, we keep the smooth air

fluxion between the ground and the layers to meet the safety requirement in the pandemic. The entrances of the building are developed

using the identical structure. That is to use the same hole shape for four entrances to blur the discriminability of the audience

and provide a sense of uncertainty and adventure. When the participants arrive at the subbasement, the accessories can

be obtained via three different channels of each direction. The accessories consist of hats, clothes, artificial flowers, keys to provide

spatial interaction experience between the audience and the participants. The dominant space and the subspaces are connected

using nine different paths. The entrance consists of nine different doors, which are also used as the exits. The nine doors

in each floor participant a lift to the top of the building with 36 small holes. Therefore, the top view of the structure is an abstract

geometry puzzle. The main themes of food, clothing, housing, and transportation map the hierarchy of need and desire from hard

control to soft control. In fact, it divides and considers the boundary of freedom. The four layers of theme space reflect people's

desires and needs, from rigid control to soft control, and actually reflect and divide the boundary of freedom. In the first floor

with food as the theme, I simulate the spatial structure of net and tin foil, and the candy-shaped headgear with people as the

rigid isolation. At the exit, I exchange through the structure design to complete the experience cycle of this floor. In the theme

space of the garment, I provide a completely isolated burqa. Through the immersive experience of the performer, we choose the

philosophical background color and special spatial structure that are associated with the practice and co-existence, so as to construct

a special performance in this space. In terms of living space, I take China's secluded idyllic as the keynote and design

specific space by means of flowers of three kinds of feelings, and construct a poetic space by means of choice, opportunity and

retrospect. In the line theme space, inspired by Weiqi, the audience is provided with an interactive space experience of checkerboard

life through the combination of geometric figures and the change of lighting with constantly changing rules.

In the future, I will still face different challenges in our life. The progress of science and technology will erase our various

distances. The constant thinking and learning will accompany us all our lives. I believe that the square will also become interactive

and diverse, fun and leisure at the same time bring the audience a step closer to life experience.


Mixed Media