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Sound Design

Arthur Wilson

Artist and creative technologist from Ulster, Ireland currently operating in London. Sound and technological experimentation form the foundation of the work, with a specialism in creative audio programming. Output includes but not limited to installation art, standalone objects/sculptures, instruments, performances and experiences. 

Exhibited in Sonic Arts venues (Iklectik London, IRCAM Pompidou Centre Paris) and International Bienalles (Collaboration with Kachi Chan. Thailand 2021, Taipei 2021). Published academic research (Co-Author with Dr N Lorway, Dr E Powley ICLC2020, AIMC2021 ). Creative Technology collaborations for artists and media (SkyArts 2021). Digital Resident @ SomaRumor.

Degree Details

School of Communication

Sound Design

A vast majority of face-to-face conversations which I have had over the last year have occurred through videotelephony proprietary software programs, like Zoom. In doing so, I have entered into a new form of relationship with my personal technology, sharing experiences with and relying on it in ways I never have before. This technology has become the conduit for many different experiences. What was once inherently physical, is now a digital re-interpretation. The following work, Conversations Through Copper Pipes, is a large audio sculpture which stands as an exploration into this communication phenomenon, it’s effects on the individual and group, and the relationship and attitude we have towards and with technological ‘solutions’.


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Conversations Through Copper Pipes is a large audio sculpture consisting of 12 pieces of copper conduit which have been bent by hand to twist around each other. Through each pipe plays a separate sound work, each sound work formed of clips of audio from Zoom calls scraped from the internet. Each pipe represents a particular month between March 2020 and February 2021, with the composition played through each pipe only using audio from calls made during that month. These clips capture moments of attempted normality from those in conversation; a comment about livelihood during lockdown, or the weather, or the new mask requirements, or a eulogy at a funeral, or a baby’s gender reveal, or a wedding, or a music lesson, or a home pub quiz, or a work mates new girlfriend, or a developing drug habit, or a joke, or a tear, or an eating habit, or an acting class, or an English lesson for children, or a religious meeting, or a birthday. Through the act of twisting and contorting to listen in, this listener becomes a participant. And whilst voyeuristically listening in to somebody else’s conversation, never intended to be heard by their ears, they simultaneously see a form of their reflection in the polished copper, inviting them to wonder about their own experience.


Copper Pipes, Speakers, Raspberry Pi, MDF