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Print (MA)

Art Sokoloff

Art Sokoloff (b.1996, Moscow) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London.

Art received a BA in Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute, the Russian Federation (2018), and two additional courses in Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the Russian Federation (2017, 2018). Currently Art is completing his MA in Print at the Royal College of Art.

He has been awarded the ColexArt Website Prize 2021 and has been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize 2021 in the print category.

Recent shows include: Teachable Moment at Stove Works Gallery, Chattanooga; Intaglio at Megalo Print Gallery, Canberra; Mirror Project at 104GALERIE, Tokyo; US; Perspectives at CICA Museum, Gimpo; Dry Floor at Hoxton253 in London. Upcoming exhibitions include the RCA Degree Show at Cromwell Place, Graduate Showcase at S&P Gallery and The Book is a Container at Southwark Gallery this summer.


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School of Arts & Humanities

Print (MA)

   As a multidisciplinary artist, my primary goal is to create systems centered around structure-based abstraction.

 My current work is being made around the influence of rules applied in the crafting of game-like experiences. Taking on both the role of the rule-setter and the participant, I am involved in the process of making "situations" (strict conditions with clear rules) and their subsequent resolutions.

 “Regularities” (including “Synophones”) as well as “Sequence mapping” investigate the theme of instructions and visual patterns. They are individually hand stamped/drawn, in a time-consuming, laborious repetition. Using simple shapes, I’m creating orders, which are easily ruined by just one mistake, and as easily changed by just one alteration in the instruction. 

Using bold figures and regulated interactions related to them, such as multiplications and shift, rotation and sequencing - I aim to reflect on rule-based conceptual art. 

 Working in the “task-execution” mode, decision making is carried out long before the physical making. Consciously implementing pattern aesthetic, I'm trying to blur the line between generality and particularity in my visual language.

The "Sequence Mapping" experiment, (began in the summer of 2020) explores the use of randomly generated values.

The square grid of color values (1-2-3) became the background for actively calculating the sequence in three planes. The planes of drawing patterns (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) have acquired a dynamic self in a structure on top of the existing one.

The original prototype found its embodiment in three hand-painted canvases that fully reveal the study (in all three planes separately) and serves as an "illustration" for the" theoretical regularity" of the prototype.


Acrylic on paper (framed), acrylic on canvas


29x21cm (paper), 60x45cm (x3) (canvas)

Piled up, standing seemingly straight, structural elements provoke the thread of association leading to the contradiction's realization, on the wall, on the floor - the connection between 2 and 3 dimensional, between intersections and bonds; working site-specifically and with the viewpoint, changing according to lighting and standing position - light, but weighty.

Exhibited in the Hoxton 253 art project space (@hoxton253) - as a part of the "Dry Floor" exhibition in 2021.


Manufactured plastic profiles, acrylic on canvases, container with wooden peels, woodcut blocks



Synophone - differing in a single phoneme:

meaning - different; spelling - different; pronunciation - similar

Made as a part of my "Regularities" project - this work based around the themes of self-implied rules and its execution.

“Take a rule and explore its similarities of the “same” within its dissimilarities through its application.” 

Exhibited in the Stove Works Gallery (@stove_works) - as a part of the “Teachable Moment” exhibition in 2020.


Hand-made linocut stamps on hand-gritted paper


59,4x42cm (x16)

Purposed for heavy usage. Use it, work with it - reliable literature, as they say. (1st edition includes a signed print, and a bookmark)

Manual instructions and full documentation of the project that was made for the Stove Works Gallery (@stove_works) - as a part of the “Teachable Moment” exhibition in 2020. The book includes 8 spreads for each of 8 diptychs and the technical drawings for hanging the works in a gallery space. Taking into account the fragility and high absorbance of a paper surface - the appearance of the book will change quite quickly, which is perfectly intended. 

Exhibited in the Weserburg Museum (@weserburg_museum) - as a part of(@aaip_international) in 2021.


Digital print on newsprint


14,2x10c; Edition of 10; 30 pages

Adaptive structure made for cross-platform existence. Produced by working with the documentation of several iterations of sculptural happenings - this piece holds the history of places and moment within it, at the same time - remain open for coming changes and layers of interpretation.

The correlation of conceptual and literal materials: flashlight, window, kitchen floor, curtain, radiator, skylight, park pavement, 4 mirrors 30x30cm, 8 transparent DVD covers, inkjet print.

Exhibited in the Hoxton 253 art project space (@hoxton253) - as a part of the "Dry Floor" exhibition in 2021.


Digital prints, plastic covers, mirrors


"Momentum #1" - Etching on Somerset Satin paper, 27x20 cm, Edition of 15
"In motion" - Etching on Somerset Newsprint Grey paper, 21x19 cm, Edition of 6
"bwl’1" - Etching on Somerset Satin paper, 29,5x28,5 cm, Edition of 15
"bwl’2" - Etching on Somerset Satin paper, 29,5x28,5 cm, Edition of 15
"Untitled construction #1" - Woodcut on Japanese paper, 52x42, Edition of 5
"Untitled construction #2" - Woodcut on Japanese paper, 53x43, Edition of 5
"Silent note" - Blind embossing on Somerset paper, 32x28 cm, Edition of 15
"RP CG" - Screenprint on Hahnemuhle paper, 55x75 cm, Edition of 10

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Etching, Woodcut, Screenptint, Digital print