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Painting (MA)

Alexis Pearse Flynn

Alexis Pearse Flynn is a London-based artist. He trained in printmaking and sculpture, graduating with his BA in 2002. For more than a decade thereafter he worked as a foreign correspondent, an experience which only served to affirm his faith in the durability of painting as a record.

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

At its heart, my artistic practice is an attempt to pursue painting as a line of enquiry, both as an investigatory tool, and an assay from which phenomenological clues can be gleaned. It begins with the conviction that painting remains among the most durable means we have of grasping the ineffable truths that Wittgenstein suggested lie beyond the rim of language. 

This has led me to try and gauge the potential inherent in the medium to serve as an isochronal imprint of memory, fugitive notions of identity, myth, and temporal shift.

The Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm — First published in The New Yorker, March 1989
Night Moves
GETHSEMANE, 2020 — Oil on canvas 142 x 242 CM
DEBRIS, 2020 — Oil on canvas 25 x 36 CM
WE ROMANS, 2021 — Oil on board 23 x 30 CM
PET, 2021 — Oil on board 30 x 20 cm
Night Ride, 2021 — Oil on board 30 x 23 CM
Nightwatch — Oil on board 30 x 23 CM
SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE PALACE, 2021 — Oil on board 23 x 30 CM
MY HOUSE IS A DECAYED HOUSE, 2021 — Oil and acrylic on board 40 x 60 cm
MARKED MAN, 2021 — Oil on board 30 x 23 CM
OWNER, 2021 — Oil on board 30 x 23 CM
LANGUORS — Oil on board 30 x 23 CM