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School of Design

Intelligent Mobility (MA)


Intelligent Mobility expands the conventional discipline of vehicle design into a rich and diverse future space - ranging from micro-mobility to shared and autonomous vehicles and the relationship between mobility and sustainable placemaking. The programme is unique in its positioning within the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre (IMDC) led by Prof Dale Harrow. This integration brings global positioning and connection to mobility manufacturers and service providers and an advanced research framework to projects.

This year’s work exemplifies the mix of new directions open to mobility designers, responding to questions surrounding global environmental pressure, rapidly evolving power platforms - especially renewable and electric power, an increasing interest in mobile interiors as temporary living spaces and increasing interest in designed digital experiences.

The work marks the culmination of students’ unique 15-month journey through the Intelligent Mobility curriculum – which included projects with our partners; Peter Schreyer (Hyundai Kia), GAC and the RAC Foundation.  Three key paradigms form a powerful series of lenses throughout the year and reflect the Studios structure in the IMDC:

People and Places relates to the way mobility is influenced by and can influence future living environments.

Humanising Technology asks how we can respond and use mobility to enrich our experience at an individual and culturally sensitive level.

Lastly Automotive Transitions explores the future of the automobile and challenges students to reinterpret and define the dominant paradigm of the mobility sector.

This year’s work embodies the creation of radical, game changing solutions that challenge convention and offer new directions for future mobility.