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Fashion (MA)

Digital Mysticism


For of all technologies, it is the technologies of information and communication that most mold and shape the source of all mystical glimmerings: the human self: The analog soul runs on the analogies between things; the digital spirit divides the world between clay and information.

Techgnosis: Myth, Magic and Mysticism in the Age of Information, Erik Davis

Digital Mysticism represents the intersection between ancient mythologies and future coded worlds. Drawing on powerful energies found within the physical world, ritual and spiritual practises. Sensuous connections between a shared genealogical past and embodied experiences within the virtual, existing as sympoiesis between the past and future, speculating a narrative that sees data and code inextricably linked with the earth around us. Ancient sites of stone age monuments have a power that permeates through time and space, existing within the digital image. Collaborations between human and non-human, nature and A.I weaving an entangled webwork containing virtual worlds, augmented reality, performance, poetry, video games and fashion.

Text and Image by Sam Chester