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Architecture (MA)

ADS9: My Garden’s Boundaries are the Horizon


ADS9 investigates architectures of openness that give distinct forms and spatial qualities to modes of co-existence. The Open is unbounded and precise. The Open is beautiful. The studio imagines an architecture without boundary, where context and project diffuse together to become a single boundless horizon.

Far away and close to home, like many others, we have worked across time zones. The challenges of 2020-21 have brought the relevance of context to an unexpected level of urgency. From projects situated within an hour of the students’ home; to Cape Town, ‘a Field of Marigold’ learns from the Kutti Collective and reclaims landscape from being a political tool of division. ‘La Sagrada Familia’, a project of earth and sky in Tijuana for displaced youth subcultures. In Chongqing, “自梳”, or “zì shū” manipulates water as land art practice for a community of single women to resist cultural expectations. Between Milan and Manila, ‘Spectra of Dual Presence’ is a project of time, light and digital co-presence. The project looks at the plight of “Bagong Bayani'', or the Filipino domestic worker and their far-away family.

ADS9 envisions an architecture in which barriers between vast spectrums of scale, material physicality and spatial phenomena, artificiality and ecological matters, architectural presence and territory completely dissipates, producing immaterial architecture where walls and roofs are made from senses, environment, colours, information, energy and spatial perception. These are unseen materials for the construction of a new architectural language.

With special thanks to:

Live Project - Philippa Battye

Technical Studies - Michael Keverne

Image: La Sagrada Familia, Matthew Avallone.