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Waste Exchange

Wednesday 30 June 18:30 (GMT +0)

Contemporary Art Practice (MA)Moving ImagePublic SphereCritical Practice

CAP Artists explore the assemblage and repurposing of affective matter and waste

Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Click to stream on CAP TV

Artists from CAP gather in an active collaborative exchange of ideas, methods and recipes for the assemblage and repurposing of affective matter and waste.

Join us on CAP TV as we live stream an audio-visual assemblage to launch the start of our collaborative performative project ‘Waste Exchange’. ‘Waste Exchange’ will run through to the physical show as a collection of live streams and physical events loosely structured around a cooking show. Artist’s will gather in ‘the kitchen’ to share, perform or discuss their ideas and approaches to handling waste and assembling affective matter. Sustainable film developing entangles with text assemblage and soothing dialectic cooking in a multilayered visual gathering.

Catch our live stream on CAP TV as a visual ‘teaser’ of physical workshops, events, material work and performative streams to come.

Participating Artists: Kathryn Attrill, Kevin Siwoff, Sergei Zinchuk, Patrick O’Neill, Elena Lo Presti, Effy Harle

Featured in Theme: Terra Incognito