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Private View 20th July 2021 5-9pm; regular opening times 21 July to 1 August 11:30am to 5:30pm

School of Arts & Humanities
Estimated Duration: 12 days
Location: Gallery 40, 40 City Road, EC1Y 2AN

In a time of ‘Uncertainty’, ‘Lostness’ and global precariousness, JB is prompting a dialogue between living organisms, and the man-made, and exploring a parallel mutual interaction. Concerned with imbalance of natural order and fragile eco-systems, she is searching for balance, symbiosis and connectivity, at a time of disconnection. Materials that decay and atrophy with time, in turn becoming absorbed back into the earth, acknowledging impermanence : Metals, glass, degradable papers and canvas, are her conduit and by observing nature’s response to these materials she creates narratives in a form of scientific experiment.

Tension between the organic in transformation, communicating with the unstable man-made in turn influenced by the elements, and the seasons causes an exchange through corrosion and decay.

Any attempt at intervention precludes any defined outcome as nature responds in unpredictable ways.

Rust, and transformed organic matter from the interaction is captured in glass globes as evidence.

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