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In the meantime… Navigating our networks

Sunday 4 July 16:00 (GMT +0)

Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Diana Foster and Esther Leslie in conversation

Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Location: online

Somers Town is one of the last remaining pockets of central London to have resisted up until now, it seems, high gentrification and redevelopment. This act of resistance is a result of the actions of activist networks and artistic programmes organised and performed by the locals. The community of Somers Town have set up grassroots initiatives and crowdfunded events made by the people, for the people, with the aim of offering to the wider communities a further visibility and awareness of an area which is often overlooked.

An integral feature of In the meantime… is its approach to intimacy: drawing on and platforming the existing networks that have emerged in Somers Town and extending an invitation to our audiences. This approach is pivotal in enabling cohesion in projects so ingrained in the hyper local. Our panel discussion offers an opportunity to give voice to these flourishing networks, identifying how companionship and belonging – two deep-rooted themes of the programme – influence Somers Town’s development, for better or worse.

This event is part of In the meantime…, a project curated for the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme Graduate Projects 2021 in partnership with Camden Art Centre.