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High Vibrational Country Club

Sunday 4 July 17:00 (GMT +0)

Contemporary Art Practice (MA)Critical PracticePublic Sphere

Raising your vibrations to eternal life • with Rieko Whitfield & Léa Porré

Estimated Duration: 10 minutes

In the midst of the apocalypse, Contemporary Art Practice students Léa Porré and Rieko Whitfield will upload their souls into Eternity Country Club – for high-vibrational members only.

“High Vibrational Country Club” is a transcendental digital ceremony that will be live-streamed on July 4th at 6pm. The performance merges East Asian rituals with macabre Catholic relics, neoliberal wellness with gold-gilded glitches.

Join us at Eternity Country Club for exclusive access into the bizarre escapism of the uber-elite in an era of fake plastic flowers and total ecological collapse. Sacrifice your body to the ultimate retreat.

Featured in Theme: Identities, Alternative Worlds