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Draw with us! RCA Drawing x RCA2021

Wednesday 30 June 16:00 (GMT +0)

With Ronan Porter, WooJin Joo, Sarah Mercer and Lucy Gallwey

Estimated Duration: 2 hours
Location: Zoom

Lucy Gallwey and Sarah Mercer from RCA Drawing will be joined by students Woo Jin Joo, MA Textiles and Ronan Porter, MA Painting as they explore how drawing is significant to their practices. Participants will be invited to experiment with a series of approaches to drawing inspired by the student's work in RCA2021 and beyond, particularly exploring literature, storytelling and language influences.

Presenter & Guests: Lucy Gallwey, Sarah Mercer
Featured in Theme: Materiality and Abstraction

Woo Jin Joo

Ronan Porter