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Diasporas Now

Thursday 1 July 15:00 (GMT +0)

School of Arts & HumanitiesContemporary Art Practice (MA)Public SphereMoving ImageCritical Practice

Performance as radical acts of self-representation

Diasporas Now is a live-streaming platform for multidisciplinary artists from various non-Western backgrounds that use performance as radical acts of self-representation. The first iteration of Diasporas Now includes artists of Asian, Afro-Caribbean, and Latin American diasporas.

This event expands the boundaries of performance as a medium by exhibiting a diverse range of forms such as dance, music, spoken word, and installation. The platform will launch on the 1st of July at 16:00 via RCA2021, featuring works by RCA students Adam Dove, Ashleigh Williams, Catalina Correa, Josh Woolford, Lulu Wang, Ning Zhou, Paola Estrella, and Rieko Whitfield, and guest artists Whiskey Chow and Chooc Ly Tan. The event will be live-streamed as both pre-recorded and real-time performances.

Diasporas Now is a collective manifestation of personal and often political identities reflecting the multitude of minority voices under the hegemonic culture. Founded and curated by Rieko Whitfield, Lulu Wang, and Paola Estrella.

The live-streamed event will be available to view at