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TEMP TCR is a temporary television studio set up and co-hosted by Felix Bayley-Higgins and Louise Gholam. Both are looking into the visual languages, history and culture surrounding video broadcasting in their respective personal practices. TEMP TCR is the first outing of a platform they’re currently developing to build a community of people working with experimental video, sound and research methodologies in unique ways. The platform functions by inviting individuals to engage with a set of different formats. Placing a focus on intuitive making, these formats are specifically designed to showcase people’s underlying interests, methodologies and sensibility.

Open Edit is one of these formats, a live improvised A/V experiment. Participants bring with them RAW sound and image files, extrapolated out from their more resolved projects. The group un-packs, samples and re-sequences these files in an improvised and transparent editing process. TEMP TCR #1 features the first Open Edit: 26th June 7:30PM at Ugly Duck London featuring Mark Prendergast, Henry Bradley and More TBC

PDF Bounce is the second format. A research exchange, panning out on a growing PDF of writing and imagery bounced between members. Slightly chaotic, overly annotated dialogue documents for sharing references and half thoughts.

Live Sift is the third format. A solo workshop designed to showcase a semblance of each contributor's practice, through what they’re intuitively drawn to and interested in. Members are given a folder of sound and video samples, unseen pieces of media. They sift through the footage, find elements which catch their interest and extrapolate out - using these details to fuel a research sprint. The sprint out from these details can prioritise following a new tangent or finding a pathway back to their current interests. The workshop is documented and archived each time.

Felix Bayley-Higgins (Experimental Communication), Louise Gholam (Experimental Communication)

Henry Bradley, Mark Prendergast

School: School of Communication
Programmes: Visual Communication (MA)

Felix Bayley-Higgins

Louise Gholam