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South Thames College - Foundation Art and Design tutors and Students

This collaboration between 1st and 2nd year Sculpture MA students took the form of a series of workshops over two days. The aim of the workshops was to engage Foundation level Art and Design students from South Thames College in processes of learning that encouraged them to think broadly about the development of their practice into the future with special attention focused on equality, diversity and inclusion. The range of workshops covered skill sharing, development of individual professional practice, inspiration through different approaches to art making and storytelling as well as connecting with and developing new communities.

After the workshops the artists gave individual critiques to students who were looking for extra guidance with the development of their final major project. These were fun, lively events where the students could be helped with solving various concerns they were having with the development of their work.

With the aim of having more diverse students in postgraduate education and within the Battersea district, the Sculpture Programme has been cultivating a long-term relationship with South Thames College.  Their Foundation level Art and Design students have so much potential and we are keen to support them.

Special thanks to Edward Smith for leading the project.


Jennifer Fox: “Thrive” - Working from home as artist in residence and lessons for Professional Practice,

Marita Pappa: “Temporary Revolutions” - Recipes for resistance,

Mary Pedicini: “Impossible Communications” - Human storytelling at the edge of the apocalypse.

Araceli Gómez Castro: “Embodiment” - Community-based projects and Contemporary Art.

Abigail Norris: 'I see you, I hear you' - Community Bonding within a Contemporary Art Practice.

Featured in Theme: Neighbours
School: School of Arts & Humanities
Programmes: Sculpture (MA)
Araceli Gómez CastroJenna Fox

Marita Pappa

Mary Pedicini

Abigail Norris