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Cold Swimmers

You might dread it, but you will never regret it. — Alex Foster

The colder the water, the warmer the friendships. — Pauline Barker

Finally, it’s December. It’s the time they’ve been waiting for since last March. Wearing only swimsuits and smiles, they take the plunge in local open waters. 9 degrees? That’s roasting. 3 degrees? Serious water envy. Now is the time to talk about cold swimming. What is this mysterious sport, and why would anyone do it?

Cold Swimmers is a documentary photography book with personal testimonies and interviews with cold swimmers, as well as a narrative of discovering cold swimming as novices. The research is relatively in-depth, yet accessible to a wider audience – including those for whom cold swimming is a mystery.

This book will show you the weird and wonderful world of five cold swimming groups around the UK, whilst revealing the activity's deep ties with mental health, body-positivity and finding your tribe.

Camille Le Flem (VisComm): Co-author, Photographer, Photography Editor Maya Gulieva (VisComm): Co-Author, Writer, Editor, Designer Rocco Punghellini (VisComm): Co-author, web-designer and long-distance driver Kelly Macbeth Mackay (VisComm): Co-writer and Co-editor

Jakob Grant (photographer), Mathilde Kauffmann (photographer)

School: School of Communication
Programmes: Visual Communication (MA)

Camille Le Flem

Maya Gulieva

Rocco Punghellini

Kelly Macbeth Mackay